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HARD KNOX TATTOO STUDIO is currently seeking a tattoo artist. This is not like other shops that require 43 years experience and at least 3,000 photos of recent work you've done, (but if you have those qualifications... come see me!).  I am opening this opportunity to ANYONE who is a "GOOD" artist, (and can prove it), that may be interested in tattooing.  I do prefer, but not require, an artist who is currently into tattooing and is able to tattoo a clean, straight line. (No drunkies, druggies, or dirty stay-outs please!!!!)
All I ask is that you have SOME artwork (sketches, drawings, paintings, doodles, pictures of your work, or human flesh tattooed by you) that looks good.  I am very open minded, but I am looking for a "certain type of artist". I will never degrade someone's artwork... all artists have their own style and, in different eyes, some are better than others.  I know what I am looking for and you don't need a "FRENCH" last name for me to think you are "GOOD".
HARD KNOX TATTOO offers a clean, friendly, laid back atmoshpere, flexible work schedule, and a chance to make money doing something you love.  So feel confident and show me your work.... Everyone has to start somewhere...who knows, you might be the next "BIG NAME" in tattooing... If not, at least you will be a TATTOO ARTIST... but you will never know if ya don't try. 
The best advice I ever got was:  "THE BIGGEST RISK YOU CAN TAKE IN LIFE.... IS NOT TAKING ONE."  I imagined myself at 60 years old saying, "what if......?"    That's why I opened a shop.
Soooooooo, If you are interested... contact me, JOHN:
-phone: 914-803-0387 (leave message if no one answers)
-or stop by the shop starting in December: 558D Kimball Ave. Yonkers, NY

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